R8259595AB 3.6L Remanufactured Long Block


Prop 65 Warning



R8259595AB 3.6L PENTASTAR Long block

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Some parts may need to be swapped from original engine.

Features brand new O.E. crank and rods, built to O.E. specs

Includes all new O.E. parts like pistons, pins, rings, gaskets and seals

Backed by the Mopar 3-Year / 100,000-Mile Nationwide Limited Warranty


When replacing the long block engine, the VVT Actuator’s PN 05184101AH QTY 4 must also be replaced.

1.All Promaster (VF) 3.6L/62TE equipped vehicles. If the transmission bracket to the transmission case fasteners are removed during servicing, the fasteners (Part Number 6511385A$) are one-time usage. Vehicles built prior to 10/23/2015 requires Service Kit PN 68461214AA; includes Transmission Isolator PN 68264483AA, and Adaptation Bracket 68264479AA and Fastener Service Kit PN 68501448AA Vehicles built after on or after 10/23/2015 will require only the Fastener Service Kit PN 68501448AA. 2. All 3.6L/62TE equipped vehicles. If the vehicle you are repairing has a crack in the flex plate or failed pump bushing inspect and confirm that both (2) dowel pins are present in the engine block, which align the transmission center line to the crank shaft center line and visually inspect the dowel alignment holes in the transmission case. If the holes are damaged or elongated the transmission should be replaced to prevent further damage to the transmission/flex plate or pump bushing due to the inability to properly align the engine to the transmission during the repair. If vehicle won’t move and has noise/leaking from transmission bell housing area, check transmission pump bushing. If pump bushing is scored or damaged, replace the pump assembly as opposed to transmission. If vehicle is jerking/slipping with MIL code(s) P0740 or P2764, check TCC Solenoid operation. If TCC Solenoid is ok, the codes are indicative of a torque converter failure. Replace the torque converter. 

2 thoughts on “R8259595AB 3.6L Remanufactured Long Block

  1. What is the difference between this long-block and long block SKU R8259591AB? I am in need of a 3.6l long block for a 2012 Chrysler 200. This long block says its not compatible with the 2012 Chrysler 200, but its compatible with the 2012 Avenger which its supposed to share a platform with. On long block R8259591AB, it says it is compatible with the 2012 Chrysler AND the 2012 Avenger. How can both long blocks be compatible with the 2012 Avenger and only one be compatible with the 2012 200.

    • The R8259591AB applies to model years 2011-2013. The R8259595AB applies to 2014-2017 model years. The engine wiring harness (if equipped), temp sensor, cylinder head and calibration are different on each engine.
      Thank you.

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