R8321377AA Cummins 6.7L Diesel Remanufactured Turbo



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The Mopar® advantage
Diesel engines and parts

When most people look at an engine, they see the whole engine. Mopar Remanufacturing, however, sees the hundreds
of parts that are necessary to provide reliable power. In addition, Mopar puts a great deal of effort into remanufacturing an extremely wide variety of
hard-to-find parts, so it can provide a replacement engine for almost any vehicle. Here are some examples of key engine components that get special attention from Mopar Remanufacturing.

Turbochargers — One of the fastest growing parts lines, more and more customers are discovering the advantages of a remanufactured diesel turbocharger. State-of-the-art processes are used to produce high quality, reliable turbos. This technology includes laser micrometers, CNC lathes and delicate balancing machines. When any turbo is in operation, the turbine wheel may reach speeds up to 100,000 rpm, so holding tight tolerances is critical to proper turbo performance.

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